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Correct diving posture

1. The water depth of the frontal upright diving needs to be more than 1.5 meters, with the front tongues of both feet open, hold the mask with one hand, and press the air cylinder strap with the other hand.

2. Sit with your back facing the water and sit on the side of the boat with your back facing the water. Sitting in the front position into the water, this way is for beginners to use.

3. Go sideways into the water and roll on your prone on the rubber dinghy.

4. The buoyancy regulator for descent, with the weight belt, the descent above the head and the feet.

5. Ascend to control the ascent speed within 18 meters/min. Simply put, don't exceed the ascent speed of the bubbles you exhale; don't stop breathing; when ascending, look up at the water surface, you can extend your right hand to specify the direction, pay attention to your back, and your body is slowly rotate.