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Use of diving torch

Author:Yonsub Date:2018/9/8 14:54:39

       Different diving requirements for diving torchs are also different. Freshwater diving requires a slightly weaker outer casing for diving torchs because of low corrosivity and clear water, so the lumen requirements for light are not very high, and salt water is highly corrosive. An aluminum diving torch is very suitable. Of course, the appearance of aluminum alloy is more resistant to corrosion by the third grade hard oxidation of military regulations!

       Strictly speaking, the difference between night dive and sun dive will not be great, but the bright and powerful diving torch is more perfect for night dive, because the night is the most active time of the sea creatures, and plants and animals perform a silent symphony together. The daily dive may feel only general. As for the shallow dive, the waterproofing and brightness requirements of the diving torch are not very high, and the deep diving requires the diving torch to be farther and brighter, because the danger is greater, and the danger is in advance. Responsible!

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