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Diving torch accessories performance

Author:Yonsub Date:2018/9/10 16:51:40

First: diving torch switch

Magnetic control switch, the pressure of the switch port is limited, and it is easy to be infiltrated by seawater impurities. Some seal rubber rings are even susceptible to corrosion, so the diving depth is generally within 30 meters, and the service life is very limited!

Rotary switch, strictly speaking, is equivalent to no switch, it basically eliminates the Achilles heel of the switch port, is generally used in high-end and deep waterproof diving torch, waterproof depth is more than 100 meters!

Second: torch source

Everyone generally uses CREE series LEDs. The most used ones are Q5/R5/T6/SWC100W. Lumens is a unit of light, and 100 lumens is about equal to 1 watt of high power!

Third: the battery used in the torch, the brightness and life time of the battery of different models have an impact! The same number of identical batteries also has a lot to do with it.

Fourth: the barrel material

Plastic barrel: light weight and flexible, but easy to age, it is easy to be corroded by sea water for a long time, and if it falls accidentally on land, the chance of scrapping the barrel is high and it is not durable.

Aluminum alloy barrel: The weight is slightly heavier than the plastic cylinder, the flexibility is slightly worse, but it is very resistant to corrosion and impact! The price is also very expensive, the high-end brand aluminum alloy diving flashlight can be free to fall 1.5 meters, and the appearance of military regulations level 3 hard oxidation!

Fifth: torch lens

Glass lens, good light transmission, but not resistant to impact, so be careful when using it!

Acrylic lenses, poor light transmission, resistant to impact than glass, is not an ideal material!

Bulletproof PC lens, good light transmission, and very resistant to impact, the hammer is not bad! But the price is expensive, the cost of torch increases, it is the most ideal diving torch lens!

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