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Diving fins - providing a powerful driving force

Author:Yonsub Date:2018/8/27 14:36:55

       The generous area of the fins provide you with powerful power so that you don't have to rely on your hands to generate power, so that your hands can be freed to do other work. The fins are mainly divided into two types: no heel and one foot. Foot-type fins are generally used for warm waters or snorkeling. No heel is used with the diving boots. Large, hard fins are quick to use, but are prone to fatigue and cramps; small, soft ankles lack the power to push.

       The fins have different materials, designs and features. The fins design includes: keel to increase the stiffness and balance of the fins; drain hole to reduce the resistance to the fins to increase efficiency; diversion groove to slide horizontally across the ankle and increase speed. Choosing your ankle depends on your size, physical strength and diving environment. It is important to be comfortable and fit.

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