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Classification of diving torchs

Author:Yonsub Date:2018/9/7 14:06:03

       Diving can be divided according to different standards! According to the waters, it can be divided into freshwater diving (dive in inland rivers and lakes, lakes) and saltwater diving (dive in coastal and lagoons).

       According to the day and night, it can be divided into day diving and night diving. According to the diving depth, it can be divided into Shallow diving (within 30 meters) and deep diving (30-100 meters), according to the location of the diving can be divided into wild diving and indoor diving!

      According to the diving use, it can be divided into scuba diving torch, engineering diving torch, fishing torch, diving photography torch!

      According to the design pattern of the diving torch, it can be roughly divided into an integrated and split diving torch. The split-type torch lamp head and the barrel body are separated and connected by a specific insulated wire. The lamp cap can be worn or hand-held, which is suitable for different diving occasions, and the use is more flexible and changeable.

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